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Acree Studios is a personal blog in which I share creative dog portrait photos, dog lifestyle photos and raw meals for dogs.

I’m Bobby Acree, an amateur photographer with a house full of dogs who are fed raw meals. I enjoy photography and photo editing and dogs.

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Volpino Italiano Donzel

Volpino Italiano Donzel Imagine a football covered with long, fluffy, white, wavy hair. Add skinny legs, pointy ears, and a fluffy tail that curls over the rear. The most recent addition to our pack of dogs is a Volpino Italiano.  Imagine a football covered with long,...

Confession of Love

Confession of LoveWe have LOTS of photo shoots! With flash units, light modifiers, props and backdrops. It's not crazy, it's love!An escape artist. A lap dog. A sweetheart. A fly catcher. A goofball. A fuzzy growler. A fearless guardian. An instigator. A diva. Each...

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