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Creative Dog Portraits


The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog.  -Carrie Underwood

DIVI-barber-1/2 510x300px
DIVI-barber-1/2 510x300px
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Featured Posts

Dog Portrait with Headphones

Dog Portraits With Headphones Wireless headphones are tricky to place on a dog's head.  I ended up using mini top hats as well as just placing the headphones around her neck.  They make a great fashion accessory! Sheila always wears the hats well and she is so patient...

Brick Wall Dog Portraits

Brick Wall Dog Portraits The brick wall panel makes a great background for dog portraits. Mae, a black and brown spaniel + lab mix, was eager to be the first model. She also wanted to accompany everyone else while having their portrait. She is a very affectionate dog...

Top Dog Models

Ms Sheila

Ms Sheila

Australian Cattle Dog

Sheila has the patience to prepare for the concept along with the experience and attitude to pull it off.

Mr Bentley

Mr Bentley

Spaniel Mix

Bentley is our fitness and fashion model. He’s also lovable and eager to please.

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