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Dog With Beef Rib

by | Bone Appétit

Mae is taking her time chewing on a beef rib bone we received from one of our favorite raw food providers, Raw Feeding Miami.

Beef ribs are an excellent choice for recreational chewing and help keep our dogs’ teeth clean!  We love the way one item can take care of two things!

After making the decision to feed raw food to our dogs almost two years ago, we reached out to Carla at Raw Feeding Miami.  She was very patient and helpful. She answered all of our many questions about feeding raw the correct way.  After all those questions we placed our first order with Raw Feeding Miami.

Our first meal prep took twelve hours and was a huge mess!  As time went on, we became more comfortable with prepping raw meals for our dogs and we became more efficient.

A spreadsheet guide was created which we refer to for ordering and prepping.  The spreadsheet allows us to mix and match many different foods and also makes meal prep quicker.  We’re down to just under five hours to prep two weeks of raw meals for nine dogs!

We keep three days of meals in a refrigerator and simply feed one container per day to each dog.  Daily feeding and cleanup is a breeze!

All of the dogs love their raw food and will happily take a recreational bone and chew on it for hours!  We love giving the very best things we can to our dogs!

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